What do I get on AMITY Prep?

AMITY Prep’s live learning packis designed in such a way that no learning tool is excluded in it:Live Lectures, Learning Modules, Practice Tests, Live Mock Tests, Live Quiz, Unlimited Doubt Sessions and Tips and Tricks in the form of Mind Maps, Formula Sheets, Glossary, etc.

  • The Course gives you hundreds of hours of live classes, concept notes and study material.
  • The Practice section gives you the right set of questions to practice.
  • In the Doubts section, you can ask a question and a teacher will respond to you instantly. You can even upload an image of your question.
  • The Live Mock Test section gives you real-exam practice and lets you compete with lakhs of students from around the country.

I go to a coaching class; why should I use AMITY Prep?

Whether a student goes to a coaching class or takes a home tuition, a large part of learning is dependent on the physical presence of the teacher. It restricts their learning to a limited time.

If a student prefers to learn at their pace, save their commuting time , live lectures by Amity Prep make a right option to prepare for all the board exams. Archive video lectures by the experienced Amity teachers help them study whenever and wherever they want. Further, they can repeat the videos as many times as they want until they master in the topic.

They can even ask questions 24x7 and take live mock tests with lakhs of students. AMITY Prep provides guidance like a personal academic mentor.

Which books do I need along with AMITY Prep for my exam preparation?

With AMITY Prep you will get an exhaustive question bank of more than 2 lakh questions with hints, solutions and explanation. AMITY Prep also has enough live learning hours and concept notes. These are neatly organised into chapters and topics. With AMITY Prep, everything you need is available as per your time and convenience during 1-to-1 live session.

How long will I have access to the course material?

You will be able to attend live classes, watch archive videos, take live tests and access concept notes throughout your course. Once the validity of your subscription is over, you will not be able to access the course material.

What does the Live Class module include?

Live Class module includes: Live Classes, Archived Video Classes, Concept notes, etc. Learn at your own pace with live classes. Revise definitions, diagrams and more at a glance with Concepts. Learn any topic visually in minutes through these videos.

What is LIVE Classes session?

Our Live classes session allows you to get connected one-to-one or 1-to-many with the mentor of your choice to understand critical concepts, clear your doubts, Live quiz to check your understanding that too from the comfort of your home.

Our Subject Matter Experts can be contacted for any subject, any exam either one-to-one, or in a group of 12-15 students if you feel group learning is more effective.

For Live help, they are available 24 X 7 X 365.

As Live Classes will be for limited hours, will these be able to cover the entire syllabus?Live interactive classes and recordedvideo lectures are carefully designed to cover the complete syllabus. Total hours of live classes and the number of recorded videos are planned according to the syllabus provided by them exam board.

What if a student misses an online class due to the poor Internet connection?

All live interactive classes on Amity Prep are archived for the students to watch them later. In case a student misses a live class, he/she can watch the archived classes as per their convenience to cover the syllabus they missed or to revise the concepts.